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2020: The Power of Vision

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

In December 2017, I hosted a vision board party for my cousins. We discussed and set goals for our personal and professional lives. Fast forward to today, we are all products of The Power of Vision.

I'm not going to sit here and pretend everything was easy. I battle and struggle with procrastination. If I give myself a deadline, I usually meet it with very little - if any- time to spare. In 2018, I put starting a podcast and blog on my vision board. I created the @nicole.belvedere Instagram account on January 1, 2018 and that was it. I barely posted or put in any work. Fast forward to November 2018, I looked around and said to myself your deadline is approaching. Purchased a website, the domain name had my logo made, and published a blog post all before the end of the year. I did it. I completed what I said I was going to do. While it is true I did check everything off of my list, I cannot say I succeeded at anything that year.

Having a strong circle and support system is important. The Any Which Way with Nicole Belvedere logo was gifted to me by an amazing graphic designer name Michelle Waters. At that point, I never met her, but she believed in my vision and what I wanted to do. Petula Caesar, an accomplished writer and producer, sponsored a launch party for the blog in March 2019. My family and friends all cheer for me in ways that you can never imagine. These few examples here prove why I owed it to myself to put in work for my dream. It wasn't imposter syndrome; it was procrastination syndrome that was holding me back from everything I wanted.

For me, 2020 was set to be everything - The Year of Perfect Vision. I came into this year with a plan of specific ways to grow and an idea on how to execute it. A way to stomp out that procrastination demon. When the pandemic hit, so many people felt their worlds were stopped. The stillness of 2020 helped me to find purpose. My vision was incomplete without purpose and I don't know if it would have come without being forced to sit down and take a look within.

There were and still are many issues that people all over the world are facing because of the COVID-19 pandemic. America is recovering from elections and the last four years of 'leadership' under the bully who shall not be named. Black people around the world are healing from the trauma of colonialism and trying to make our oppressors understand that Black Lives Matter is more than a slogan. I'm saying all of this to say: you did not have to come out of this year with anything new. Surviving this year with mental and physical health is an accomplishment on its own.

I can tell you one thing. EVERYONE is coming into 2021 with more knowledge. We have learned to navigate and survive life in a completely different way. My fellow millennials cheers to you. The past 20 years of our lives have been a rollercoaster ride of highs and lows and we are still here.

For anyone reading this, I would be honored if you joined me at The Power of Vision Workshop on National Vision Board Day, Saturday, January 9, 2021, at 2 pm. Together we will explore ways to help you achieve your vision.

Use the code AWW for 21% off of your ticket. This discount code expires Saturday 1/2/2020.

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