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B*tch Did You Listen

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

At the end of the end of December, I saw a the clip of an interview that The Shaderoom posted of DJ Vlad featuring Nick Cannon. The clip had the comments on that post in a frenzy. I saw it reposted 100 times over and even posted it on my Instagram page, @nicole.belvedere.

In the clip, Nick Cannon made the statement "If you with me, you don't have to work." Are those not the magic works that every woman wants to hear? Do we not want to a man to work hard, pay all of the bills, provide a home and overall take care of us? The idea of that sounds wonderful, but I cannot help but to think that the meaning of Nick's statement was not truly conveyed in that 20 second clip. Of course in DJ Vlad fashion, he waited until January 17, 2019 to post the interview in its entirety on YouTube. This why you are just getting a post from me today.

The published version of the interview in it's entirety is 2 hours and 18 minutes long. Cannon and DJ Vlad touched on quite a few topics including sexuality in sports and music, selective outrage and hypocrisy as it relates to black entertainers (i.e. Kevin Hart Oscar's scandal), how music - specifically hip-hop - has shifted from a focus on talent to focusing on star power. The interview had deeper conversations about rising above circumstances, how drug usage went from being shunned to glorified, about investing vs spending and lastly the topic that brought us here today the dynamic of his relationships.

It actually wasn't the last topic discussed. About 20 mins into the conversation, DJ Vlad asked Nick about his relationship with his youngest son's mother, which led to dialogue about child support and having as many children as you can provide for. Cannon spoke on teachings from the Bible and the Koran where women are the crown should be exalted. He did say he doesn't have problem providing for his woman regardless of the fact if they have children together or not, but there was also a declaration of upgrading the women in his life.

So often in this social media culture, materialism is idealized. People take the idea of being upgraded to mean that the upgrade has a monetized value. Upgrades can be made to a person's mindset and way of thinking. Even when I listened to the 20 second clip posted on Instagram, the words "have to" jumped out at me. What Nick Cannon said was that his woman does not 'HAVE TO' work; he never said he did not want her to work.

Ladies have to find a balance in today's world and culture that allows the relationship we need to find us instead searching for the relationship we think we want. We need to understand that in the traditional sense of marriage, 'THE MAN' provides more than financial security. "THE MAN" is suppose to provide protection, leadership and guidance, love and service to his family.

Next time we jump on the first thing we hear, we should each take a moment to truly listen to what is being said.

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