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Book Review

Updated: May 19, 2020

A little over a month ago, I had the honor of attending a party to celebrate the release of Chanee Robinson's first book, No, I Don't Have To.

This was one of the easiest reads for me. I literally flew through the pages in about an hour. Part of the appeals is that all of the stories in this book are ones that are we can relate to.

I sure everyone who reads this book will have either been through the same situations as these characters or know someone who has. And that is a part of what makes it so easy to connect to.

Some people have a problem saying no. No just in words but in action. Reading this book may give you an idea on the power of NO.

Thank you Chanee' for the frowns and smiles that your stories brought as I read you book.

Head over to www.chaneerobinson.com to purchase her book and fins out more information.

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