• Nicole Belvedere

Fairy Tales

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Disney Plus released this week and the world has gone crazy. I myself haven't downloaded it yet but believe me, I will.

My mind goes back to all the movies and Disney Princesses I watched as a child. They all had a problem and through some sort of magic and their own tenacity it was solved by the end of the film.

Belle of Beauty and the Beast is my favorite princess, but Cinderella is a close second. Neither of these women were damsels in distress. Cinderella just wanted the opportunity to love her best life.

By going after her own goals and finally not living for other's her life was able to fall into place.

Thanks Disney for giving little girls role models. I had to become and adult to understand some of the message. Also thank you for retelling your stories over time. Now little girl who look like me, will be able to see themselves on screen.

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