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Updated: Mar 8, 2019

Nick Cannon loves to set the internet ablaze with controversial clips from interviews. Last week, I posted about about an interview he did with DJ Vlad. This week he hosted his YouTube show Cannon's Class with special guest Brother Rizza Islam, who as his name suggest is a member of the Nation of Islam (NOI).

The 60 second clip shows Nick speaking on NBA players being with white women as some type of achievement because they are looked at as success and on the flip side the NOI brother saying that if black man cannot love a black women first, then he doesn't deserve to love any woman at all.

It pays to listen, be informed and do your research, I watched that particular episode of Cannon's Class in it entirety. The title was set to invoke emotion before you even pressed play. "Do Black Men love White Women more than Black Women."

In the past interracial dating was forbidden. A black man loving, looking or whistling at a white woman meant death. I don't think this part of the conversation as seen in that clip was Nick Cannon's actual opinion, but him giving a the perspective that someone else may have: having money (using the NBA player as an example) supersedes the slave master mentality. Whereas before I (the black man) wasn't allowed to have her (a white woman), I can now afford to take her form you.

As I said before, Rizza Islam is a member of the Nation of Islam. He made many points including the idea that love as an action verb and not a noun and the fact that Farrakhan teaches that "Love is from God. Love is superior and supreme and above color." Bro. Islam explained that with the action of love you uplift, encourage and inspire and as Malcolm X said over 50 years ago, the black woman is the most neglected, disrespected and unprotected and therefore is in need of the most love.

Taking race out of the conversation. How Rizza Islam defined love really stuck with me. I do believe that love is action verb. While you cannot control your feelings, your actions are completely under your control. How we choose to engage with a person is what allows us to fall in love.

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