• Nicole Belvedere

Hunter's Moon

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Everyone doesn't believe that the full moon can affect the emotions and behaviors of people, but I do. My rationale is if the position of the moon can affect the tides of the ocean can it not have the a effect on us. I mean the human body is 60% water. I know it is not exactly science. I realize that the human body does not experience tides in the same manner as the ocean; however, I also know that energy can be moved by many things in our environment.

The full moon that occurred on October 13 is known as the Hunter's Moon. The name comes from a time when hunter's tracked and killed their prey in preparation for winter. I think it's appropriate with me preparing my next phase. My current transformation. #2020vision

During the full moon, I normally burn sage, mediate, cleanse my space and reset my energy. This month was hard. While going though my ceremony, I got the worst headache. I went to sleep with this headache and woke up with it the next morning. Not a normal reaction when I burn sage.

The problem is that sage clears negative energy. My mind has been scrambled this week. I realize that when I'm avoiding my inner self, I immerse my life in other projects. The sage did it's job. It reminded me that I cannot only lead life only with my head. The heart and gut matter too.

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