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It's Beginning to Look Something Like Christmas

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Can you believe Christmas is less than 2 weeks away? With the year that 2020 has been, days and weeks are running together. The spring and summer months seemed to drag along and ever since Halloween, the year has been on a race to the end.

I've heard from so many people that they just aren't ready for Christmas. If finding the perfect gift is on your to-do list, below is a list of small black-owned businesses for you to check out.

Poise-N-Ivy Floristry

Ivy of Poise-N-Ivy Floral Designs has a passion for all things that bloom. This Baltimore based florist provides a variety of services including rose globes, customized forever flower arrangements, and more. Many of these items may be shipped. Check out her Instagram and send her a DM to place your order today.

Lead By Example Apparel

High quality, unique designs are what sets Lead By Example Apparel apart from some other brands. Their motto "It's more than a brand" is evident through the great customer service provided. Visit their website at www.leadbyexx.com

iWear What I Want

Being fashionable in a basic world is something that Joey, the owner of this boutique, is passionate about. Her boutique offers something sexy and sophisticated for you to enjoy.


Kelly & Co. Beauty

The brainchild of Brittany Kelley, Kelly & Co Beauty is an all-inclusive beauty brand. Selling items for skincare, yoni care, makeup, and the best selling deep conditioner she has your entire body covered. Place your order at www.kellynco.org.

SheFit Lifestyle

If anyone is a walking billboard for their products and program, it is Crystal. She founded SheFit Lifestyle after tackling her fitness journey. In addition to the gift of fitness, SheFit also sells waist trainers, fat burning gel, and more. www.shefitlifestyle.com.

Physical presents are the only gifts, a few of my Instagram posts highlight some services based business that your loved ones may benefit from. Please like and comment on my post so I know that you were there.

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