• Nicole Belvedere

Mirror Mirror

"Mirror Mirror on the wall who the fairest of them all."

I was surrounded by Disney and fairy tales as a child and when I think about it today, it's a wonder I have any self esteem at all. The fact the the word 'fair' -which can also refer to complexion - was used to describe the beauty of Snow WHITE proves that this particular story was never meant to encourage me, I've gone off on a tangent. Disney's lack of inclusiveness is another matter. I used the Evil Queen's quote from Snow White to bring up our relationship with mirrors and what we see when we look into it.

How many times have we looked at our body's and thought I need to loose 5 pounds? I lost count, but I look at pictures from 5 years ago and think how much I wish I could tell that version of me how much I love her body.

I've heard the expression, give a person a there roses while they are still here. Meaning we need to recognize, uplift and celebrate people while they are alive - not only in death.

Today, I challenge everyone including myself to give yourself a rose every morning when you look in the mirror.

Today I am thankful for my body. She strong and has taken me though this journey called life. Every scar, stretch mark, wrinkle and pound is a reflection of that very life. A life that I appreciate having.

Look in the mirror and tell your body thank you. Tell your body that you appreciate everything it has been though with you. Love you body. Love yourself NAKED.

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