• Nicole Belvedere

Reset to Refocus

I saw a post on Instagram yesterday that said, "Mercury Just Retrograded All Over Me". My first thought was - and I liked it. I know it sound vulgar and crass but that type of humor is apart of my clachet (classy ratchet) charm.

In astrology, Mercury is the planet associated with communication. A few times a year it goes into retrograde meaning it appears to move backwards. Through hearsay and urban legend, Mercury's retrograde has gotten an overall bad rap. The most recent retrograde which ended yesterday and we have blamed everything from our bad moods to disruptions in communication and technology failures on it.

What's amazing for me is that while the rest of the world is falling apart, I get the best sleep of my life during this time. I'm not going to say that I suffer from insomnia, but sleeping through the night does not happen often for me.However, I sleep soundly during retrograde. It's feels amazing to be this well rested. After checking my natal chart, (yes, astrology is one of my random interest - I told y'all I'm eclectic) I realized my Mercury is in Aquarius - the same as my sun sign which explains why I so in tune with Mercury and my love of all things communication.

Anyways, besides getting some well needed sleep, I used this time to communicate with myself. I also looked into and the deeper meaning of Mercury in retrograde. It's not all about disruption. Retrograde is actually at time to revisit, redefine, and reconnect. I take to be a reset of life.

J. California Cooper wrote a book called The Future Has a Past. When I hear that title or phrasing, I think we cannot go forward without first looking backwards. I'm not say dwell on or live in the past, but we must take note of it on order to successfully move forward.

I used July's retrograde to look at my personal past and reflect on my experience as a blogger. I decided to use the last 3 weeks as a reset of many things. Now that Mercury is direct again, I plan to focus on improving different things about myself. I challenge everyone to focus and to not let the next retrograde in November negatively impact your life.

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