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The Eve of Man

Let me preface this post by saying: Any Which Way is not for women specifically, but from the point of view of a woman. March is Women's History month and like I am black every day I am also a woman each and every day. The same as I celebrate my blackness a little harder in February, I present more intensity about womanhood in the month of March. This month we tell our HERstory.

Photo found via Instagram.

About a week ago I saw this picture come across my timeline on Instagram with the caption "Who really got that snatch #happyhumpday". My first though was what man wants to f*ck a snake. I don't want my honey pot to have that type of snatch. Snakes are associated with being lying, deceitful, manipulative and so many other negative ideas. My second thought took me to the Garden of Eden.

The Bible is the reason we have such a adverse impression of snakes. It symbolizes the devil and how he used a woman to ruin MANkind. In the story of Adam and Eve that we are taught that the first woman led to the downfall of the first man. Women have been getting blamed for the downfall men since the actual beginning of time. Had Eve not told Adam to eat that apple then we would not know sickness, death, or any other evils. Eating that apple and blaming a woman also reminds me of the story from Greek mythololgy- Pandora's Box. Pandora opened that box after she was told not to. Pandora exposed the world to all that bad. But why are women are always to blame?

I'm a movie person and while having conversation with friend who happens to be a man, he stated that a man's downfall is always a woman. Now I adamantly disagree with him. His supporting arguments came from some of my favorite movies and the relationships between the characters.

  • Scarface - Tony Montanta & Elvira

  • The Godfather - Michael Corleone & Kay Adams

  • Casino - Sam Rothstein & Ginger

  • Goodfellas - Henry and Karen Hill

Yes these films have a common theme, that is being gangster movies, because that was the topic of conversation on that particular day. My friend's argument was "had these men had different women in their lives or better yet no real relationships at all then they would have remained on top. Of course I pointed out the obvious which is: every person has control of his or her own destiny. No one outside of you can cause your downfall.

I would hope that everyone has seen each of these movies at least once in their lives, but if not SPOILER ALERT.

  • Tony literally killed her man and she still got with him. What did her really expect from her? Besides if he wasn't so arrogant and followed rules his reign would have continued with or without Elvira. Not to mention the entire movie was full of men crossing each other and not remaining loyal.

  • In The Godfather, Kay didn't ruin their relationship Michael did. The Michael she met and fell in love with is not the Michael who became her husband. When he realized the change in himself, he should have let her go. If anything, I would say he ruined her.

  • Ginger wasn't any good but she told Sam who she was from the beginning. So did her actions play apart in his downfall? Absolutely. However, it was his informed decision to be with her no good ass.

  • Karen didn't do anything to Henry Hill. Their lifestyle is what cause their problems. She knew the man she married and she chose that life right along with him.

Since the days of living in the Garden of Eden, women have been blamed for the short comings of men. I know this post won't change that perspective but I want the men out there to know that we see you and we don't accept your blame. If your woman is a negative influence on your life, you need to look at yourself to see why you choose her. And the same goes for us as well ladies. You partner in life - male, female, non-binary or whatever other gender they may be- should uplift you and vice versa. You choose your partner which means your choice navigates your life.

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