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The Future Has a Past

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

The hashtag I chose for the month of February was #thefuturehasapast. I chose that particular phrase from the title of a book by J. California Cooper. A collection of four short stories, Cooper touches on the topics of love, relationships and social issues from the perspective of women. While each story has its own plot, you are able to see the common theme throughout the book which is: the past shapes the characters’ lives in the present and future.

As a black woman, I recognize and celebrate blackness 365 days a year. To me February is like Christmas for Black History. We relish our pride and pay special homage to what has shaped the African American experience.

In 2018, February was filled with so much honor and pride. A few highlights of the month included:

  1. Marvel released Black Panther. It didn't matter if you were into Marvel, sci-fi, superheroes or not, black folks around the world came out to see the movie. The support that Black Panther generated was about more than money or simply selling out theater. The joy of seeing a film where the characters we not gang bangers, drugs addicts, prostitutes or simply the help excited everyone.

  2. The Philadelphia Eagles beat the New England Patriots in Super bowl LII. I'm not even a fan of football, but as team the Patriots represents white supremacy and for a city like Philadelphia to win was awesome

  3. Jordan Peele winning the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay by telling a story that highlighted how most racism is caused by jealousy.

2019, Black History Month has a completely different vibe. The new moon that rose on February 4, brought with it a whirlwind of energy that I could have done without. The summary I can think of is best explained in Childish Gambino's Grammy winning song, This is America.

Because this is America and this is the world we live in, we must remember that the future does in fact have a past. We cannot take our accomplishments towards equality as overall success. As the saying goes, you may have won the battle, but you didn't win the war. And this world that we live in today, is fighting a constant war. Sometimes it feels that we are not only at war with others, but also ourselves. In order to continue the fight, we must remember how far we have come.

Bob Marley said it best, "In this great future, you cannot forget you past."

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