• Nicole Belvedere

The Power of NOvember

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Do you remember the move the The Yes Man starring Jim Carey? He take a seminar of the power of saying yes. For most of the movie, yes kept him moving forward. Yes was his saving grace. Until it wasn't. The lesson to be taught in this movie saying yes creates opportunities.

Today I saw a post on Instagram about "No"vember. That this is the time to start saying no to anyone and anything that deplete your energy. This post made me think of The Yes Man and remember the end of the movie. The real lesson was learned once he allowed himself to say no. Yes we need to open our minds to opportunities and experiences, but we also need to protect ourselves from foolishness. There is power in the word NO.

Today I am thankful to Chanee Robinson for sharing the post about "No"vember and look forward to the e-release of her book- No, I Don't Have To - next month.

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