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Updated: Feb 2, 2021

My goal for election day 2020 was to not feel like Sarah Paulson's character from season 7 of American Horror Story. In that season, titled Cult, Ally spirals into a breakdown after Donald Trump was announced the winner of the Presidential election in 2016 that leads her to be institutionalized. It's insane the way everything played in Cult. Looking back, what stands out the most for me is the way it almost predicted the effect 45's presidency had on our country. He added fuel to the paranoia, fears, bigotry that people have.

On November 4, USA Today columnist, Michael J. Stern, tweeted "...I will never get over the fact that half my country has spent 4 years watching Trump's corruption, bigotry, and lies and still voted for him." The fact that he was able to right that statement is an example of the privilege that he as a white male has. For me, the past few days has only reminded me that the United States to be the country I always knew her to be. One that has always gone against the principles of its foundation when it came to Black Americans. "...with Liberty and justice for all." was never meant for me, my ancestors or, decedents when the Pledge of Allegiance was written in 1892. We fought and are continuing to fight for that right.

Last week was long, the tensions were high, and my anxiety was thru the roof. The stress of not knowing, not having a winner declared made everything seem heavy. I thought I had a plan to avoid the stress of it all. My swag from @blackgirlsvote brought on a sense of pride and cheer to the of voting and of course, tacos make everything better. After casting my ballot in person on election day, the rest of the evening was dedicated to Taco Tuesday. I ended the night with Netflix.

As the days passed tired not to obsess. I planned to check only once a day but between my mother and just about everyone else I came in contact with it was a never-ending topic in a never-ending. Thank goodness for the weekend.

Saturday, my neighboring state of Pennsylvania flipped the switch and the city of Atlanta carried Georgia on its back to declare the Biden/Harris ticket winner of the 2020 Presidential election. With that announcement, Kamala Devi Harris is set to become the first woman to serve as Vice President of these United States. A Black woman is the first woman.

Black women turned this election around. As we so often see, no how disrespected, neglected, or unprotected Black women may be we always strive to promote and provide for our communities.

Spelman Graduate, Stacy Abrams, did not let anything stop her from being great. Did she win the 2018 gubernatorial race in Georgia? No. Was she selected as Joe Biden's running mate? Nope. Did she work towards making a difference in politics? Absolutely. The nos that she received propelled her into a greater cause. The state of Georgia would not have turned blue if it weren't for her work in fighting voter suppression. The efforts of grass roots organizations such as Fair Fight Action results in 800k new voters to be registered in the state of Georgia since 2018. Half of them those who registered were people of color.

To see the work of a Black female HBCU graduate propel another Black female HBCU graduate into the highest position any woman has ever served is beautiful. It is inspiring. It is incredible.

We may be disrespected. We may be neglected. We may be unprotected. But Black women will not be defeated.

Thank you, Stacy Abrams and Congratulations Kamala Harris.

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