• Nicole Belvedere

When You Believe

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

There is a clear difference between believing and knowing. I didn't realize what the difference was until I was in Bible Study the other day. I always put knowing over believing. But really it's our beliefs that give us strength and causes change.

Think about it, a person can know that smoking has been proven to cause cancer and still pick up the habit. Until they believe that cancer can take their life they will continue to smoke.

The same thinking applies to self esteem. You can tell me I look nice, tell me that I am beautiful, but until I believe those things about myself - I will never be able to embrace it.

With relationships, you can know that a person is no good for you as sure as you know the sun is yellow. But until you believe that you will be better without them the relationship will continue to drag along.

Knowing does not cause you to change. Believing in what you know is what leads to change.

I feel like each week the universe has taught me a different lesson. I went into this month knowing that changes need to be made in my life, but now I know that I need to believe in these changes. The next lesson to learn is how do I make myself believe what I already know.

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