• Nicole Belvedere

Work for the Money Honey

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

Customer, co-workers, computer and Mondays.

To often I feel like Jayden Smith's character in The Karate Kid.

Do I really hate my job? No. At times, I just feel like it's getting in the way of me living my best life.

I actually appreciate many aspects of my job. For one as much as my co-workers get on my nerves, we have actually become sort of a family.

Two my job is allowing me to live parts of my best life outside this office. I wouldn't be able to travel, spoil my daughter, feed my binge addiction with Netflix, Hulu etc.

Lastly, at this time, my job is helping to fund my dream. This website wasn't free. My launch party took a couple of coins and everything else I'm getting in line comes from investing my paycheck in myself. So instead of complaining on this Monday, I want to be give thanks for having a job.

I used to work with someone who said work not hard, it's hard to to find work. So remember that and be grateful.

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